Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We are back
Safe and sound
We really needed to get away, to forget about "real" life, if only for just a few days
To forget about deadlines and homework, bedtimes and schedules...
Our life is busy, and happy and full...and we love it, but occasionally you just need a break.
So we packed up the kids, hopped on a plane and went to the only place in the world that has always made perfect sense
1475 Paseo Grande
No matter what is going on, I can step through the door and into my granny's arms and I feel like a carefree child again
This wonderful home is full of so much happiness and laughter, so many memories
You can still see "I love Cathleen" carved into the cabinet by my dad probably 30 years ago
There is a makeshift growth chart on the garage wall showing all of the grandkids and now great grandkids heights throughout the years.
Yes... Clay is the tallest :)
There is a library full of books, some of my favorites
And the swimming pool in which we all learned to swim
I can still picture my grandpa, gone 2 years now, watching TV in his favorite spot, rooting on the Lakers
My granny still sits every morning in the kitchen, sipping coffee and doing that days crossword from the newspaper.
She still wears that same black nightgown with the white fish on it
And my grandpa's robe is still hanging on the back of the bathroom door.
This is the house I ran to during the most troubling times in my life
My granny has always known the right words to say, and also always knew when a hug, not words were what I needed.
This is where I feel I belong
Sometimes years pass between visits, but no matter how long I have been gone, once I am back I feel as though I never left.

I love you Gran and Alexis and Stefanie... and April, Ron, Tonya and Matt and everyone else down there. You are all so very special to me.